The BMW N54 engine is a potential tuning platfrom from which it is possible to extract even more power and torque over stock. The potential of a car depends very much on the components used, but the use of an MHD Flasher is a necessity. The MHD Flasher makes it possible to raise boost higher, which has been implemented with a logic change of the ECU.

With the standard components, power levels of +400hp can be achieved, especially if ethanol is mixed with gasoline. The N54 engines are starting to be at an age where most need refurbishment of the turbochargers. Most of the people looking for custom tunes for these engines are upgrading to hybrid turbos, in which larger turbine shafts and compressor blades are mounted on standard frames or even bigger frames these days. Hybrids are well capable of producing well over 500hp. Fuel sufficiency is fast becoming a bottleneck in these engines, and the most important change is to upgrade the low-pressure fuel pump to a bigger one. Aiming for over 600hp there’s a need to upgrade fueling even more. This requires stage3 LPFP solutions and port injection or spinning HPFP faster to stay DI only.